Vision and Mission

Goldilocks Foods Inc.

Business Vision and Mission

Mission Statement: “Provide the best homemade potato salad from Mother Earth, to a Mothers table.”
The purpose of Goldilocks Foods is to provide a product available to everyone that loves this product, but does not have the time and possibly the talent to make it taste as good as our product. To bring the memorable elements of good cooking, good fun and good eating to the picnic and kitchen tables all across America. Goldilocks Foods vision is to see the company grow to provide commercial retailer supermarkets with a product like none that is available to them currently. A great potato salad! When going to a supermarket to purchase potato salad, generally there is not much choice available, and what is available has little to be desired. Goldilocks Potato Salad will grow through word of mouth because the quality of the product. By the word of mouth and commercial advertising, it will enable us to provide jobs to deserving people who have a passion for what they do in the marketing, customer service, and production fields. Nothing would give Goldilocks Foods greater pleasure than to know a product we have created, helps to make warm memories to families, while providing a roof over the heads of our employees.
Leane’s grandmother died when she was 11 years old. She was a tremendous influence in her life. The two things Leane carries with her to this day, is her love for flowers and her love for potato salad. Leane tells stories of her sitting at the kitchen table, with her feet on the kitchen table chair, watching her cut her potatoes so precisely into a bowl that she later mixed with her special ingredients. I remember going to family picnics with people approaching saying, “did you bring your potato salad?” and of course the answer was always, “I sure did”. I remember the smile on the face of the person asking the question, but I mostly remember the smile on Grandma’s face knowing that her potato salad put yet another smile on another face. She somehow handed down the torch to Leane, as that is a common statement I hear at most family and friend gatherings. I guess one could say making amazing potato salad is in her genes! The key company principles are to use the best quality products, to use products that have not been exposed to pesticides or fertilizers, and to make the potato salad with the freshest ingredients possible so when offering this product to guests at a family and friend gathering, you have peace of mind knowing that the founder of this company serves this same product to our family and friends, and with smile.